Thursday, December 13, 2012

One day until take off!

Crew 120 and mission support had a meeting last night to go over procedures and straighten out specifics. We reviewed the Friday/Saturday schedule, getting to the hab, crew positions, emergency procedures, comm procedures, and our mission in general. Here are our official crew positions:

Commander - John
XO - Derek
HSO/Astronomer - me (Nora)
Engineer - Erick
Geologist - April
Astronomy/Journalist - Diane

We all might take turns as journalist.
Apparently April has a lot of work to do. Yay, I want to help on EVAs!
I find it ironic that I'm the health and safety officer and I have a cold. I shouldn't be contagious by the time we're all confined in our little tin can; things are already on the upside.

Within the first couple days of getting there we will decide on a general schedule and a mission statement. On the conference last night mission support said, "We are not mission control. We are here to support you." I thought that was the coolest.

It is strange, I already feel like I know everyone. Maybe it's because we've talked three times now, emailed a bunch, and we've seen each other's faces, resumes, and bios. Maybe all the MDRS participants are kindred spirits - we must all share some personality traits and philosophies to want to do this.

Packing is still nuts. The Mars trip alone is a packing challenge, but I also have to remember to get Christmas presents home and bring anything I want over winter break. What will I forget? What isn't going to fit!?

See you in Grand Junction!

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