Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day Five

Yesterday (day five) was a snow day. We were stuck inside until the rover got stuck outside and we had to have a unscheduled EVA to retrieve it!

It was a day filled with lots of writing, tea drinking, and science! April and I worked in the lab a little bit. One strange, rock I picked up fizzed when HCl came into contact. That means it's either limestone or a fossil. My rock might be ancient, dead sea creatures!

We finally got clear skies, so at dusk Diane, Erick, and I went to the observatory. We fixed all the issues we had been having - alignment between the finder scopes and the telescope and the telescope's alignment procedure. Everybody (including the film crew) looked at the Moon, Jupiter, Alberio, and the Ring Nebula. Then Diane figured out the camera and imaging process and got a neat photo of Andromeda.

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