Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day Two

Our first full day has felt extremely long. We did so much!

Woke up around seven, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and replaced batteries in a carbon monoxide detector that was complaining.

Walked to hab ridge (out of sim) to see what difficulties the terrain brings. With our suits on it will be even more difficult to climb hills, balance, and see.

Went IN-SIM as soon as we returned. Ate a delicious italian soup for lunch (from chef Derek), tried on suits, wrote reports, figured stuff out in the observatory, cooked dinner, discussed human existence, world powers, quantum mechanics, and tomorrow's EVAs. All of a sudden it was time for bed!

Here are some pictures to illustrate the brief description. We took group photos somewhere in there. I've got to get some sleep!

John, April, Derek, Nora, Diane, Erick - Crew 120
April, Erick, Nora, Diane, and Derek

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