Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day Four

Day Four included a large breakfast, a midday EVA, wind, film crew, yoga, rain, and snow!

Here are some pictures from EVA 003:

April is backpack 6, Derek is 5, and Erick is 2. I did not color enhance these photos!

After going through beautiful red hills, we visited a sight found by EVA 001. We wanted to further investigate a rock pattern that looked like a impact crater and a weird shape that looked like a footprint. We found the site- which is a huge feat since Mars is a vast planet, we left no markers, and it was a small feature. There were more of the same shapes seen all around the area. We thought the raised rock features resembled coral.

The film crew put mics on the inside of our helmets and followed us around during the EVA. It was great that we only noticed them a couple of times. Their presence did not ruin the simulation mindset!

After returning from the EVA we talked with the film crew about what we do here and what people on Mars might do in the future. We had leftover lunch and tea to warm up. Then Diane, Erick, and I did some yoga on spare camping mats. Very helpful for shoulders sore from carrying packs!

Diane, Erick, the film crew, and I went to the observatory. It was too cloudy to observe or try to align the telescope but we documented a small problem with the dome and introduced the film crew to the observatory.

Our Christmas tree is inflated and we're in the holiday spirit!

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  1. Very fascinating spending of time during winter break )
    I even didn't suspect that you were going to Mars this winter ) Say hello from me to any form of life you will find there )