Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Three, Part Two (Oh right...)

9:45 pm
When writing my earlier post I totally forgot that the film crew arrived today! Three european blokes are going to use our crew in their film. Today we met, checked out the hab, and observed our return from EVA. They'll start filming during tomorrow's EVA. Tomorrow's EVA (003) will be with April, Derek, Erick, and myself. We are going back to Hab Ridge (EVA 001's location) to further investigate their finds and go beyond to look for blueberries.

As promised here are some pictures from today.

 Erick and everybody helping during EVA 002 prep. Film crew watches from the engineering hatch.

 April and Erick examine a conglomerate rock during EVA 002.

 Looking at rock fragments.

 We strap review mirrors on our arms because the helmets limit our field of vision. This photo captured April (main) and myself (mirror).

 Erick in the middle of climbing.

On the way back to the hab, sweet hab

Update: 10:55 pm
The wind is really howling, rattling, and whistling tonight!

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