Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Three


First EVA 001 is on their way back. Erick and I held down the fort. While the others were gone we tidied up for the film crew arriving today, made bread (still cooking in the bread maker), checked the septic tank's leach field, pumped water, and cooked lunch - split pea and ham substitute soup!

When EVA 001 came into visual range, the simulation really sunk in for me. I felt a surge of triumph at seeing my crew members returning in their suits.

7:03pm    Notes from EVA 002
EVA 2 Dec 17
1:20 pm

1:25 Ford rover found - we are not alone

1:32pm mushroom rocks
mini rocks standing up
near bend in road

1:33 1st use of hammer
large red rock collected by N

1:33 Found evidence of liquid water on surface

1:37 more "standing" rocks collected in case 1


1:41 getting windy

1:43 breaking open green rock
collected a piece

1:46 Collected rock made of lots of little rocks *

1:50 Collected 3 black rocks - 1 w/ weird hole, 1 w/weird mark
from random "why are those there?" region
Is it all from a meteor?
Geiger counter slightly active
non magnetic
Inside of black rock is lighter (fragments collected in case 2)

2:05 Collected red + white striated

Saw clay


3:14 left Camel rock
*later found out this is called conglomerate rock

My first EVA was amazing and possibly indescribable. Mars looks wonderful up close and through the helmet, compared to far away through the hab windows. The suit was a comfortable temperature, my gloves did not interfere with using the camera, taking notes, etc. It is difficult to hear both radio communication from the hab and speaking with my fellow EVA crew. We all have to get much better at charades.

Pictures coming later.

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